McCartysville Volunteer Band

come have fun

The band's purpose is to serve the community by enhancing a local Independence Day celebration. The band shares live band music with hundreds of attendees, while bringing together musicians from different generations and playing groups.


It's fun to make music for an appreciative audience. Come join the fun!

In his own words . . .
Jack Mallory, on creating the Saratoga July 4th Observance:
 "My vision was to:

1. Celebrate the birthday of our nation
2. Provide a patriotic program for our families
3. Invite participation by our families by singing and then marching in the parade and singing
4. Bring our diverse community together to celebrate our unity as a nation; our founding and our freedoms

Event History:


2003 - Jack Mallory creates an almost-250-person neighborhood celebration in brand new Azule Park.
2004 - Nearly 400 people attend. Jack explains why he started and continues the celebration.
2005 - Publicity for the 2005 event with a recap of 2004.
2006 - Over 600 people join the 2006 celebration.
2007 - Local press publicizes the event. Attended by ~1000 people.


2010 - The event crosses Hwy 85 to newly-opened Kevin Moran Park.


2012 - KSAR15, Saratoga's public access television covers the event.

The McCartysville Volunteer Band's History:


2006 - Dale Walter bootstraps a band with borrowed music, lots of time, energy & stress, and an 11th-hour crash cymbals purchase.
2007 - 24 musicians bring Sousa to Saratoga's July 4th.
2008 - 40 musicians salute the veterans with an armed forces medley.
2009 - 60 musicians wake up the neighborhood.


2010 - The band enjoys double shade canopies in newly-opened Kevin Moran Park


2011 - professional amplification ensures a music-filled parade


2012 - trumpet and trombone section features delight the audience


2013 - 9 french horns usher "American Overture" into the program along with "National Emblem"

2014 - prospective Ca State Assemblyman Chuck Page returns to the tuba section to pound out "Them Basses"

2019 - Anjali Kausar oversees a rousing celebration as new chair of the event

2020 - Anjali Kausar crafts a rousing, streamed virtual Independence Day event during the Covid shutdown


2021-The McCartysville Volunteer Band reassembles to perform a band-only Independence Day Celebration!