Performance at Kevin Moran Park:

9:00 - Call time: Setup / Warmup - BRING A STAND - chairs provided

9:30 - Orientation / announcements / Jeff's pass downs

10:00 - Down Beat

2021 PLAYLIST (in play order)

Alpha and Omega (click here to download)

National Emblem (Pre-Program)

          Anjali Kausar's Intro & thanks to sponsors

          Presentation of colors (audience stand)

          Pledge of allegiance

The Star Spangled Banner (Program)
American Overture (Pre-Program)

Aviator (Fulton packet inside Pre-Program)
Bravura March (Pre-Program)

          Introduction to Mayor's speech

​          Mayor's speech
Marches of the Armed Forces (Program)
Eagle Squadron (Pre-Program)
Frivolity Polka (Fulton packet)
76 Trombones (Pre-Program)

American Patrol (Pre-Program)

Bugler's Holiday (Pre-Program)

America the Beautiful (Program)

Battle Hymn of the Republic (Program)

Beau Ideal (Sousathon)

          Anjali's closing & thanks to the sponsors

Stars and Stripes Forever (Sousathon)

2021 Music Page


McCartysville Volunteer Band


Please print your own charts. Limited # of hardcopy packets at the rehearsal and performance.

If you borrow a packet, return it when we're finished on the 4th

Important - prospective participants: 

You're welcome to join, but I need headcount. If you haven't rsvp'd, please call or email.

Pre-Program Music
Program Music
Sousathon (Parade)

Bassoon Pre-Program

Bassoon Program
Bassoon Sousa
Clarinet (Bb) 1, 2, 3, 4

Clarinet 1 Pre-Program

Clarinet 2 Pre-Program

Clarinet 3 Pre-Program

Clarinet 4 Pre-Program

Clarinet 1 Program

Clarinet 2 Program

Clarinet 3 Program

Clarinet 4 Program

Clarinet 1 Sousa

Clarinet 2 Sousa

Clarinet 3 Sousa

Clarinet (Eb)

Clarinet Eb Pre-Program

Clarinet Eb Program
 Clarinet Eb Sousa

Clarinet (Alto)

Clarinet (Bass, Bb)

Clarinet Alto Pre-Program

Clarinet Bass Pre-Program

Clarinet Alto Program

Clarinet Bass Program

 Clarinet Bass Sousa
Euphonium / Baritone

Euphonium BC Pre-Program

Euphonium TC Pre-Program

Euphonium BC Program

Euphonium TC Program

Euphonium BC Sousa

Euphonium TC Sousa

Flute / Pic

Flute / Piccolo Pre-Program

Flute / Piccolo Program

Flute Sousa

Piccolo Sousa

French Horn 1 & 2, 3 & 4

French Horn 1 & 2 Pre-Program

French Horn 3 & 4 Pre-Program

French Horn 1 & 2 Program

French Horn 3 & 4 Program

French Horn 1 & 2 Sousa

French Horn 3 & 4 Sousa


Oboe Pre-Program

Oboe Program
 Oboe Sousa

Percussion All Pre-Program

Percussion All Program

Percussion, Cym BD Sousa

Percussion, Snare Sousa

Percussion, Bells Use "Percussion All Program", above
 Use  "Percussion All Program", above
 N/A - flute, perhaps?
Saxophone (Alto Eb)  1 & 2

Sax Alto 1 Pre-Program

Sax Alto 2 Pre-Program

Sax Alto 1 Program

Sax Alto 2 Program

Sax Alto Sousa
Saxophone (Bari Eb)

Sax Bari Pre-Program

Sax Baritone Program

Sax Baritone Sousa
Saxophone (Tenor Bb)

Sax Tenor Pre-Program

 Sax Tenor ProgramSax Tenor Sousa
Trombone 1, 2, 3

Trombone 1 Pre-Program

Trombone 2 Pre-Program

Trombone 3 Pre-Program

Trombone 4 Pre-Program

Trombone 1 Program

Trombone 2 Program

Trombone 3 Program

Trombone 1 Sousa

Trombone 2 Sousa

Trombone 3 Sousa

Trumpet 1, 2, 3

Trumpet 1 Pre-Program

Trumpet 2 Pre-Program

Trumpet 3 & 4 Pre-Program

Trumpet 1 Program

Trumpet 2 Program

Trumpet 3 Program

Trumpet 4 Program

Trumpet 1 Sousa

Trumpet 2 Sousa

Trumpet 3 Sousa

Tuba / Bass

Tuba Pre-Program

Tuba Program

Tuba Sousa