McCartysville Volunteer Band

* = we'll likely play this piece

2019 Music Page



hardcopy packets available at the rehearsal and performance, please return them to the bin(s) when we're finished on the 4th

Music is password-restricted to participants. Please call or email for passwords or assistance.
Download Instructions: 
1) Find your instrument in the chart, below, then open & save/print one each of:
    a) Pre-Program Music
    b) Program Music
    c) Parade Music (aka "Sousathon") Note: the band does NOT march during the parade; we remain seated.
The music is PDF format. Get Adobe's free PDF reader here: Adobe Reader download 
Download woes? Call or email, and I'll send or deliver the music to you.
Important - prospective participants: Please don't show up unannounced. Everyone's welcome, but I need headcount. If you haven't rsvp'd, please call or email.

​​Musicians, please arrive at or before 9:00 am

9:00 Orientation / announcements

9:30 Pre-Program Concert

* Aviator

* Them Basses

* Lassus Trombone

                                1st Strain: 1st & 2nd endings as written, skip “Fine” measure, proceed to 2nd strain

                                2nd Strain: 1st & 2nd endings as written, jump back to 1st strain at segno (D.S. sign)

                                1st Strain: take Fine ending, proceed to Trio

                                Trio: As written (1st & 2nd endings, then continue on to end)

* American Overture: note we're playing the 2003 50th anniversary edition, which is different from earlier prints.

* Bugler's Holiday

Fultons (if there's time, conductor will select Fultons until the event MC indicates that he's ready to start)

* National Emblem (Last tune before the formal program begins)

10:00 - Formal program begins
 * Star Spangled Banner: audience sing-along
 * Armed Forces: veterans recognition, veteran band members may stand, too, as appropriate.
* America the Beautiful: audience sing-along

 * God Bless America: audience sing-along

                                Repeat measures 21-24 & end on a concert Eb chord (as written-in on the music)

11:00 - No-March Parade (All Sousa): You're welcome to leave as your schedule requires, but we hope you can play for the children's parade.

Note: The marches in the Sousa book are in alphabetical order (by title). We typically play most, if not all of the Sousas, so take the Sousa asterisks with a grain of salt. I.e. I don't think we've ever skipped the asterisked ones so they're a near certainty, but if there's no asterisk, it doesn't mean we won't play it.

* Stars and Stripes Forever

* Thunderer

* Washington Post

Beau Ideal

Black Horse Troop

* El Capitan

Fairest of the Fair

Hands Across the Sea

High School Cadets

Invincible Eagle

King Cotton

* Liberty Bell

* Manhattan Beach

Nobles of the Mystic Shrine

* Semper Fidelis

Pre-Program Music
Program Music
Sousathon (Parade)

Bassoon 1 Pre-Program

Bassoon 2 Pre-Program

Bassoon American Patrol

Bassoon Program
Bassoon Sousa
Clarinet (Bb) 1, 2, 3, 4

Clarinet 1 Pre-Program

Clarinet 2 Pre-Program

Clarinet 3 Pre-Program

Clarinet 4 Pre-Program

Clarinet American Patrol

Clarinet 1 Program

Clarinet 2 Program

Clarinet 3 Program

Clarinet 4 Program

Clarinet 1 Sousa

Clarinet 2 Sousa

Clarinet 3 Sousa

Clarinet (Eb)

Clarinet Eb Pre-Program

Clarinet Eb American Patrol

Clarinet Eb Program
 Clarinet Eb Sousa

Clarinet (Alto)

Clarinet (Bass, Bb)

Clarinet Alto Pre-Program

Clarinet Bass Pre-Program

Clarinet Bass American Patrol

Clarinet Alto Program

Clarinet Bass Program

 Clarinet Bass Sousa
Euphonium / Baritone

Euphonium BC Pre-Program

Euphonium TC Pre-Program

Euph American Patrol BC+TC

Euphonium BC Program

Euphonium TC Program

Euphonium BC Sousa

Euphonium TC Sousa

Flute / Pic

Flute / Piccolo Pre-Program

Flute / Piccolo American Patrol

Flute / Piccolo Program

Flute Sousa

Piccolo Sousa

French Horn 1 & 2, 3 & 4

French Horn 1 & 2 Pre-Program

French Horn 3 & 4 Pre-Program

French Horn American Patrol

French Horn 1 & 2 Program

French Horn 3 & 4 Program

French Horn 1 & 2 Sousa

French Horn 3 & 4 Sousa


Oboe Pre-Program

Oboe American Patrol

Oboe Program
 Oboe Sousa

Percussion All Pre-Program

Percussion American Patrol

Percussion All Program

Percussion, Cym BD Sousa

Percussion, Snare Sousa

Percussion, Bells Use "Percussion All Program", above
 Use  "Percussion All Program", above
 N/A - flute, perhaps?
Saxophone (Alto Eb)  1 & 2

Sax Alto 1 Pre-Program

Sax Alto 2 Pre-Program

Sax Alto American Patrol

Sax Alto 1 Program

Sax Alto 2 Program

Sax Alto Sousa
Saxophone (Bari Eb)

Sax Bari Pre-Program

Sax Bari American Patrol

Sax Baritone Program

Sax Baritone Sousa
Saxophone (Tenor Bb)

Sax Tenor Pre-Program

Sax Tenor American Patrol


Sax Tenor Program

Sax Tenor Sousa
Trombone 1, 2, 3

Trombone 1 Pre-Program

Trombone 2 Pre-Program

Trombone 3 Pre-Program

Trombone 4 Pre-Program

Trombone American Patrol

Trombone 1 Program

Trombone 2 Program

Trombone 3 Program

Trombone 1 Sousa

Trombone 2 Sousa

Trombone 3 Sousa

Trumpet 1, 2, 3

Trumpet 1 Pre-Program

Trumpet 2 Pre-Program

Trumpet 3 Pre-Program

Trumpet American Patrol

Trumpet 1 Program

Trumpet 2 Program

Trumpet 3 Program

Trumpet 4 Program

Trumpet 1 Sousa

Trumpet 2 Sousa

Trumpet 3 Sousa

Tuba / Bass

Tuba Pre-Program

Tuba American Patrol

Tuba Program

Tuba Sousa