McCartysville Volunteer Band

(This page updated May 16, 2024)

2024 July 4th

Kevin Moran Park

12415 Scully Ave, Saratoga

9:30 AM Thursday, July 4th, 2024


Rehearsal: Sat. June 29th, 10AM-noon @ Cupertino Middle School

The McCartysville Volunteer Band is an open-call, ad hoc ensemble of brass/wood-winds and percussionists that meets and performs on July 4th for the Saratoga, CA Independence Day program. There are no auditions, and all instrumentalists are welcome. Those whose abilities are below the advanced middle-school level are encouraged to play the easier charts and do the best they can on the more difficult ones.


The band has ranged from 35 to 110 musicians, and we welcome you to play. Please contact us for more information.


The band's name honors Martin McCarty, a 19th century Irishman, who built a toll road from his lumber mill and erected a tollgate at the location of present day 3rd Street and Big Basin Way. The village on McCarty's road was named Tollgate.


When Santa Clara County formed, it took over the road and eliminated the tolls. Tollgate was later renamed "McCartysville" when the enterprising McCarty laid out plots for development on both sides of Lumber Street, now known as Big Basin Way.


On March 13, 1865, the villagers voted to rename the community to Saratoga, CA