(May 16, 2024: updated, changes pending)

Performance Reminders: Kevin Moran Park (Click here for "Details" page)

BRING A STAND - chairs provided

9:00AM Call time to setup/warm-up

9:15AM Orientation / announcements / Conductor's passdowns

9:30AM Downbeat

2024 Set list TBD:

We're adding 3 new charts this year:

Salute to the Armed Forces adds Space Force theme (all 6 branches), so it replaces Marches of the Armed Forces

American Salute

Sound Off (standalone Sousa march)

09:30 - downbeat for "pre-program"

10:00 - music in support of the program

11:00 - children's parade & band "Sousa-thon"

Sousathon Sousa March series (children's parade - the band remains seated under the tent)

Stars & Stripes Forever is the kick-off march

All the other Sousas are possibilities (your booklet is in alphabetical order):

Beau Ideal

Clack Horse Troop

El Capitan

Fairest of the Fair

Hands Across the Sea

High School Cadets

Invincible Eagle

King Cotten

Liberty Bell

Manhattan Beach

Nobles of the Mystic Shrine

Semper Fidelis


Washington Post

NOT UPDATED, YET (to include 3 new charts)

MUSIC Downloads

Important: Please do participate, but I need accurate headcount and you need music passwords. If you haven't rsvp'd, please contact Tadashi.

Please print your own charts. I'll have a limited # of loaner hardcopy packets available at rehearsal and performance. Return borrowed packets on the 4th at event's end.